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A Season of Eden - Jennifer Laurens The flow of this book is phenomenal along with how eloquently it's written. I haven't read a book that kept a steady pace in a long time. However because this book is so short -about 248 pages - we really didn't get to know the characters all that well or get to know their relationships. Especially outside of the relationship between Eden and Mr. Christian.Upon first reading the summary and glancing at the cover I expected the book to be dark, moody and very depressing. I mean, a teen falling in love with a teacher--not all that light hearted. But it was just that. I feel there really wasn't a real climax in the story, but it is short so I could do without.One thing I absolutely hated was that J.M. Warwick kept using the word "Retard" in a derogatory and negative way. Authors are obviously very talented and sharp tongued that I think there are many other words that could have been used. I hope in future books of hers that I will be reading she leaves out this atrocity of a word.I truly recommend this book for a quick book about sacrifice, love, and how far you'll go for the one you love.