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How to Hook a Hottie - Tina Ferraro This was almost exactly what I was expecting by the title and summary. A light simple book that may be a little younger than YA. But that isn't a bad thing. I enjoyed this book from beginning to end. Like A Season of Eden it's a short book and goes by really quickly. The characters don't have much time to develop but it seems even though there wasn't much time I still related to and understood Kate.Though there were things I expected to happen and didn't I wasn't surprised that they didn't. I wasn't completely taken aback by anything that happened. But it kept a smile on my face the entire timeKate's plans for her future are completely unrealistic, but she doesn't go on and on about them, so when she realizes they're unrealistic you're not wanted to slap her saying, "I told you so." You just nod your head and keep reading.I recommend this book for an afternoon at the beach or lounging at home. You'll probably get a few tips to hook your own hottie. :)