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Before I Fall - Lauren Oliver This book is one of the most highly anticipated, reviewed, and talked about books around the blog community and I was completely ecstatic to read it. I haven't read a long book in a while and was glad to see that it is 470 pages long. I jumped into the book the day after receiving it from the library and was completely taken in...until I got into about Day 3 of the book and was actually annoyed with the repetitive days. By this time I was bout 120 pages into the book and once I'm that far in, I can't stop reading. I got frustrated with the girl, Sam, and hated that even though she was repeating the days over and over and knew it she kept making the same mistakes or even worse mistakes than the previous "day". I was so ready for it to be over and I honestly didn't know throughout the entire book if she would find away to save herself or die at the end.......and I still don't know! I loved Day 6 and was excited for Day 7; until it ended. I honestly still think how much it irritated me.I liked the writing style and that it was obvious Lauren Oliver is still connected to her youth but I just wish there was more depth to this book.I'm probably in the minority of liking this book.