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Charlie All Night - Jennifer Crusie I read this book for my personal "Contemporary February" challenge, and I'm really glad I did. This book is not for you to think too hard. Don't expect to be motivated to go out and change the world. And you won't have these words resonate with you like you've just read the worlds best fiction. No. This is simply a lovey-dovey kind of book that makes you giggle, blush and just overall feel good. And that's just one thing I love about contemporary books!When we meet Allie she's at the top of her radio producing career, until her skeezy boyfriend, Mark, dumps her, without any real reason why. And with that, she is no longer producing his very successful show and is given a new guy at a new time. This is not what Allie wanted to hear, but with her head held high, she perseveres.But of course, as her luck has it, she runs into Charlie in the most unfortunate and kind of embarrassing way. Luckily Charlie is a good guy and takes this meeting in stride, going along with Allie's shenanigans and despising Mark upon meeting him. Just as Allie wants. And what else does she want but a one-night stand to help her get over Mark.When you're producing a late-night show for the guy who happens to be staying with you and you may have had a fabulous one-night stand with...things are not going to be easy.And so, the fun ensues!I loved how serious, funny and real Charlie was. The way Allie describes him, didn't make him seem physically attractive to me per se, but it made him no less interesting and yummy in general. The love scenes in this book are sweet and hot without being overly descriptive! I never felt like I had to hide in a room alone because of it, but it definitely wasn't something I'd read aloud around kids. ^_^"The way Mark is was...hilarious, he was a pathetic guy with nothing but his career in mind and the childish games he played kept me laughing.This is definitely a quick and fun read that I thoroughly enjoyed. I will be checking out more of Jennifer Crusie's work, especially her newer books.