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Dash & Lily's Book of Dares - Rachel Cohn, David Levithan Firstly, I loved the book "Naomi and Eli's No Kiss List" that these two also paired up for. So, I figured I'd love this one too...Not so much.I didn't LOVE it... But I really really liked it.When left to spend Christmas without her parents--who are in Fiji, the traditional foods & fun (oh, the horror), Lily's older brother, Langston, has decided he's had enough of Lily & her obsession with.. Weird things, he takes matters into his own hands. More like a red notebook. That he fills with clues for the poor lad who comes along & picks it up. Dash just happens to be the one who picks up the book. He too, spending Christmas parent free, gives in and begins the red notebooks shenanigans. And that's where the fun begins. I would love to have such an adventure leaving the notebook in the most random places for your "pen pal" to find, complete a task, and wait for the task you'll need to complete next task. The vocabulary used in this book is rather ridiculous. I just don't see teenagers speaking the way they do in the book. Sarcasm & quick-wit is one thing, but the actual vocabulary throws me off. I get that they're wanting to create this world where people, especially today's youth, actually read & just so happen to know and use a dictionary (ahem, OED--Oxford English Dictionary)! But... Come on!! I would like to see this on a screen, but it's no Nick & Norah!By the time it ended it felt too wrapped up. I honestly didn't see much connection with them. Not enough to appear as close as they'd become.I LOVED their friends (Dash) and family (Lily). Hilarious. This whole book was hilarious & I laughed out loud numerous times throughout. Great book for thinking... About possibilities, love, Christmas, friends, family & words. (have a dictionary handy!)