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Pleasure Unbound - Larissa Ione While I was rummaging through Barnes & Noble's extensive amount of books, I was at a loss of what to get next and texted a few blogger friends. Larissa Ione's name came up a few times, so I grabbed this one. And I'm glad I did.I haven't a good adult Urban Fantasy book in a very long time.Eidolon is a demon who just so happens to be a doctor. Working in a hospital specified in the supernatural, hidden beneath the streets of New York, cast so the humans leave it unnoticed. He's proud of his position in the hospital, taking pride in his work.Then Tayla, a human who happens to slay demons for a living, ends up on his table.When Tayla experiences the best sex of her life, she doesn't care that it's a dream... Until the dream begins to feel a little too real. And when she comes to the realization of where she is and who she happens to be screwing, her instincts kick in as a demon slayer. But not before she's knocked unconscious.Throughout the book there's a constant battle with Tayla and what's right and wrong in a world that she wishes she wasn't apart of. And it isn't until gorgeous Eidolon let's her know just how apart of the world she is, that she begins to tune into her emotions. Buried ones and ones beginning to develop.Tayla is a girl I wanted to cheer on most of the book, but then slap other times. It seemed she'd let her strong will become more of a burden than a positive trait, causing her and everyone around her to suffer from it.She's held on to what's happened in the past for so long that it affects every single thing in the future.Which is why I'm glad she met Eidolon. He helped her open up and broke her down and she could never tell why. Though she wanted to believe it was his demon side--incubus--that did it, she knew that wasn't the only reason. And feelings developed between the two.Sex happens. A lot. Hot. Awkward. Endearing. All there.The romance between the two had it's honest moments where they fought, cared, believed, struggled, in the end believed. And that was most important to me. Knowing that these two wouldn't end up together because I wanted it but because these two wanted it. (If that makes sense.)Over all, this book had me intrigued from page 1. But I will say I kind of skimmed over the pages that weren't from Tayla or Eidolon's POV. Which, I kind of which I didn't because I was slightly confused by the end. So read it. All of it!I can't wait to get my hands on the next book to see what happens with Tayla, Eidolon and everyone else!