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Arcadia Awakens - Kai Meyer That cover is a sure-fire way to pull you in and hold you until the very last word. The world that Kai Meyer creates in Sicily for Rosa and everyone she's involved with is a magical and suspenseful one.When Rosa first meets Alessandro on the plane, it's obvious that they'll be crossing paths again, and you can't wait for every second they were together.They live a dangerous life filled with--I can only describe as--a cross between the mafia and Romeo & Juliet with a hint of Twilight. Rosa seemed like a cold, distant girl with a knack for stealing. Though the things she seemed to steal were insignificant, replaceable objects, she seemed to do it when she was under the most stress.Rosa goes to Sicily to live with her aunt Florinda and sister Zoe after she suffers a devastating lost. And ironically enough she spends very very little time with them. I honestly didn't know much about them as people, other than their relationship to Rosa. Her time was most spent with Alessandro, despite the fact that their families are mortal enemies. Which made their relationship fun and enticing.Though I felt that somethings were lost in the translation of the book because certain things happened and I didn't know how or when it did. I hope that in the final book that is fixed. But even with that, I still enjoyed the ride. It was a fast paced, action book full of mystery, romance, and intrigue, that keeps you guessing until the end.I hope a lot is answered in the second book, and I can't wait to read it. (Kind of wish I could read German so I could read it now!)