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Beyond (Afterlife,#1) - Willow Rose Beyond seemed like a book that would be a cute and quick read. It was a quick read. It was cute. But it wasn't my taste.I did enjoy the lead, Meghan and her determination to figure out how she died. But mostly, I liked Mick. But, because it was such a quick read, I didn't get to know him or any of the characters. I felt like things happened and then they were over. I would've liked to know why she liked spending so much time in the human world with Jason by actually reading about it as it happened.I liked the way the ghost academy was created. To me, the way the school is described reminded me a little of Harry Potter & Hogwarts. Obviously I would never compare another book to that genius series, but it was the first thing I thought of.If you like a quick read, in my opinion, directed to the middle grade side, then you'll like this.Give it a shot!