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Lightbringer - K.D. McEntire When I began Lightbringer I was confused and I honestly wasn't sure I would be able to finish the book, but I'm glad I did because it ended up being really good, and quite entertaining.I enjoyed the world that K.D. McEntire created with the Never and back to the living world. I understood Wendy's pain completely throughout with having to reap the dead, deal with her best friend's love, falling for a ghost all while trying to find her mother's soul.When reading the summary I expected more of Piotr (pronounced Peter) and the rest of the ghosts, but there wasn't enough. I felt like we could have got to know the rest of the ghosts, but because the story focuses on Piotr and Wendy, it was enough.Now on to Piotr and Wendy, though their ghost/human relationship kind of weirded me out, I loved them. And I wanted more intimate time between them that wasn't about the Never or Wendy's dilemmas in the living world. Then there's Wendy's best friend, Eddie, from the very beginning he told Wendy how he felt about her and I felt like she shrugged it off, as if she didn't really care. It actually annoyed me. I understood that she was going through a tough time with everything that has been happening, but he was there for her every step of the way.The way K.D. McEntire writes draws you into the book, and forces you to keep reading about these characters. Taking you into a world we all have heard of--and may actually believe in--and shows you that there is life after death. And it's not always pleasant. No rainbows, butterflies and hot pink unicorns. It's scary and you still need someone to help you, whether they're dead like you... or living. And if you happen to fall in love along the way, why not?This will either be a hit or miss with people. I see it going either way, but I feel this book will be talked about a lot through out the blogging community about 2 or more weeks after it is released. So read it now! (Or when it comes out November 15th!)