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Hush, Hush - Becca Fitzpatrick I'm going to blame my lack of interest in this book in the fact that I missed the mark. And I wasn't as excited to read it as when I received the book--two years ago.I love a good paranormal and angels can be fun, but this book just wasn't that fun to me.I didn't feel the connection between Nora or Patch (whose name annoyed me) at all throughout the book. And when I did feel an inkling of something it was more on his part than her's even though it's from Nora's POV.I had pretty much everything in the book figured out from the beginning. Who the mystery hooded person was, what he was, how the relationship would go, how most of the book would go, the typical ignorant best friend, who personally I'd have to slap.I'm kind of over that "stereotypical friendship" in a lot of books, especially paranormal, where the main character is the brainiac smart "average looking" girl and her best friend is the polar opposite. That's not really life.Okay... on to some positives.Patch, I loved him and his sarcastic assiness. (Yes, I made that word up.) I liked how open he was with her about being an angel, but she was just kind of too dumb to tell. He cared about her, but in the way that you don't care about someone. When he decided to let himself be wherever she was, his presence made the book for me and I found myself wanting to read only parts that involved him. Nora's character seemed a bit dry for me, even her obnoxious best friend spiced it up.The two guys they meet at a coffee shop screamed "bad news" for me from the second they spoke. And I would audibly sigh or roll my eyes when they showed up.The ending wasn't very surprising or contain that "bang" I like with paranormals. I love cliffhangers even more and this didn't contain that either. However, I really want to read the next books to see where this series goes. A couple blogger friends told me they didn't enjoy it as much, but that only makes me want to read it more, because they each gave this one 5 stars.Agh. I did enjoy this book, but I feel my review is really negative. Apologies!