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The Edge of Never - J.A. Redmerski I have been obsessed with New Adult, and lately (and probably for quite some time) that's all I want to read. This is one of the books I have loved in this genre probably my second favourite, next to The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden.This is one of those books that captivate you from the beginning and keep you on your toes as to what happens next. You know they'll be together in the end, but you don't know how, or what exactly their journey will entail. And you never expect it to be so beautiful!This book is mainly set from Camryn's POV, but it does go back and forth between the two. You get into the minds...the very complicated minds of these characters, their emotions, their demons, their love, their fights, and their resolutions. It's a journey that makes me want to live. It makes me want to get up and go after something. I'm not exactly sure what that thing would be, but reading someone else's story, though fictional, makes me want to just live. And I believe that is what this story was supposed to leave with you.I was a little scared for Camryn when she decided to just go with Andrew wherever he wanted to go when their road trip began, but at the same time I was so gald she did. The people and places they ended up, especially New Orleans (my home in my heart), I loved every second. Though the content is a bit mature, it isn't sex, sex, sex right away. They build up to romance, trying to figure out what they're doing in this journey and with their lives. Andrew was never pushy, just very very protective. I'm not the biggest fan of bad boys, but I like guys who look like bad boys, and luckily that is Andrew.One of my favourite scenes was when they laid on the hood of the car and let the rain fall on them. It's actually on my bucket-list to lay on the ground, in the bed of a truck or on the hood of a car while it's raining, with someone I love.This book is a gorgeous journey that is sweet, a tiny bit of fluff, serious, heart-wrenching (especially the ending), funny, cute, just....beautiful. I highly recommend this read. I cannot wait for the sequel. Even though this book ended in a way that was satisfying enough, the next book will be mostly from Andrew's POV, but still alternate back and forth.