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Wait for You  - J. Lynn I was about to give up on New Adult, I was over the bad boys and the guys who were "misunderstood". I was over the relationships that spawned from underlying past feelings.... until I read Wait For You. There isn't a bad boy, he's not misunderstood... he's just a guy! And I loved that. And they didn't know each other prior to running into each other...literally.The story flowed and paced so perfectly for me. When it got to a spot that had it's dark moments, we didn't stay there long and I didn't feel like I wanted to kick either Avery or Cam in the chest so they'd get their heads out of their asses. They fought for each other on their own and together, and brilliantly I might add.Avery had her secret, which we pretty much learn early on, and because of that you're better able to get into Avery's head and for her to get into yours. Every decision she made was difficult, sad, happy, and beautiful. Whether it involved Cam or not.Cam. I have never really had a crush on a book boy before, I've always thought; Oh, he's cute and he'd be perfect for her not me. Or, I'd rather he stay far far away and I'll admire him that way. But reading this book I crushed on Cam; hard. I wanted a Cam for myself. He was adorable! And perfectly imperfect.Their relationship was the kind I think everyone should thrive for, friends first and then get romantically involved. Their back and forth banter was absolutely adorable and kind of sexy.I have a couple complaints, (1)the misspelling/editing errors, but nothing that made me truly think too hard about it. Simple things like "So I am." instead of "So am I." (2)Avery's friend Jacob, I don't know what it was about him, but I just wasn't that big of a fan. He had his moments, but overall, I didn't miss him in this book at all. And finally, (3)the amount of times Cam says "sweetheart." I'm not big on pet names in general, but constantly call someone by the same pet name and I want to push the "mute" button.The banter, romance, chemistry, sexy times, trouble, resolutions...everything was beautiful. I cannot wait to read more from J.Lynn (or her other writing name Jennifer L. Armentrout). There will be a second book in this series which is more of a companion than an actual continuation from what I understand. It will be about Cam's sister. I kind of wish it involved either Cam's friend Ollie or Avery's friend Brittany.I highly recommend this one if you're looking for a New Adult that is similar to most others with but with a little bit of a light hearted flair. And an adorable guy.