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Unforsaken (Hailey Tarbell Series #2)

Unforsaken - Sophie Littlefield Though I've read that this is a companion to the first book, Banished, it directly follows the first story, so I would not read them out of place. And because of that, this review may have a few spoilers to the first book if you have not read it.After Hailey has begun her life with her aunt Prairie and brother Chub, away from Gypsum, Missouri and all of the Banished, she begins to get too comfortable with her life, and soon her past begins to catch up with her.Hailey keeps the contact with her boyfriend a secret for fear of not only his safety, but her aunt and Chub's as well, but it doesn't really work well when some very dangerous and evil men finally figure out where Hailey is and know just how to capture her and Prairie to use their healing abilities.Going in, I knew what to expect in terms of what the book would be about and who it would involve, and for that, I wasn't as enthralled with Unforsaken as I was with Banished but that isn't to say I was no less entertained. I loved Hailey's voice and her passion and love for the people in her life. Especially knowing she grew up without the love that she gives.When she finally meets up with Kaz, this book is a constant ride, and it doesn't stop. I won't lie and say it's completely unpredictable, but there are a few things that I wasn't expecting. And I will say one part I was frustrated and irritated with, but it ended wrapped up nicely.So, if there is a third book, I am not dying to read it, but I would love to know more about Hailey and the people in her world. Especially Kaz!Overall, this was a great book and a good follow up to Banished and I can't wait to read the other books Sophie Littlefield has written. It seems she's very into the zombies.