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Under the Never Sky - When we first meet Aria, she's in her pod with the other's living a quite perfect life. But with one bad choice her world falls apart. She's quickly thrown out of the pod & left to fend for herself in the outside. When she crosses paths with Perry she is forced to help him but in turn he ends up helping her in more ways than just finding her mother. This was the first Dystopian book that I actually really enjoyed. It is just not my genre. But the relationship that develops between Perry & Aria was steady, fast, slow, frustrating & beautiful all at once. And the world that Rossi created was magical. Though it was difficult at times to imagine these aether storms, I could still understand that what they were seeing definitely wasn't [our] normal!The enhanced abilities that the people on the outside had definitely kept the book interesting. Perry had heightened smell, and that could just be frustrating for anyone else who may be self-conscious. The way Perry cared about his nephew--seemed like more than the boy's own father-- resonated hard with me. He was in a fight with life to try to get him back after he was kidnapped. And Aria was basically his compass to find him. Which meant they were together constantly.I believe with the added characters on their journey, I was more interested. Yet I sometime wished they weren't there. That the story was solely Aria & Peregrine. As bad as it may sound, I would've left Cinder behind. Though he proved beneficial later in the story, I felt his existence in the book was pointless. When they've neared the end of their journey, and Aria has learned a devastating secret about herself, the relationship they've developed is tested. And they prove that they can fight through anything.I wish the ending had a bit... More. Though it was fine with me. I'll be reading the next book, for sure.