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Sweet Evil - Anna is a girl who has lived her life being the good girl, ignoring any pull toward the influence of drugs and alcohol, no matter how strong they are. And they are strong. It isn't until she meets Kaidan Rowe that she has no idea why she feels so strongly. And that her pull isn't only a struggle, it's a necessity for what she is.There was so much about Sweet Evil that I absolutely loved. The book borders on mature YA, but enough that it leaves you breathless and wanting more. Kaidan especially. He's an evil boy with too much life experience that you kind of feel bad for him. And then he does something that makes you want to throw caution to the wind and just enjoy whatever ride he throws you on. At times I was just sure Anna would do just that and maybe Kaidan would let her. I was always surprised with what the did and didn't do.The romance in this book is a sure winner. It's hot and yummy. Even though Anna is on the edge of naive, she still manages to keep the romance and heat alive though at times riding on Kaidan's tail.The action and adventures in this book are actually heart-pounding and definitely kept my interest until more of Anna and Kaidan time. I won't lie however, the times when Anna visits her dad, I was bored that I probably didn't register a lot of what he said like I should. It was important to the book, but I felt like that could have been written better.I loved Anna's aunt and her friends, they had significant parts to this book and I loved every moment with them.There's a possibility for a love triangle and I know a lot of people hate them, but I kind of enjoy them. And the possible guy, I liked him too. At times even more than Kaidan. No matter how sexy he is, he didn't always have to be an ass.I'm not usually a fan of angel/demon/nephilim books, but I really enjoyed this. I seriously hope the 2nd book gets picked up for publication! Hey, HarperTeen, Simon & Schuster, Poppy, SOMEONE.... PICK IT UP!!!