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Vampire's Kiss (Veronica Wolff's Watchers Series #2)

Vampire's Kiss - Veronica Wolff One of the things I liked about Isle of Night was that we weren't left with a major cliff hanger, but I still wanted more. And I was sooo glad I had this book to jump right into!We jump right back into Drew's story right about where we left off in Isle of Night. After Drew has won the competition defeating and killing her opponents--especially her psycho roommate, Lilac--she's put in the position of being Vampire Alcantara's assistant in an upcoming mission (one she has no idea what and when it'll be) and she's acquired to friends on the island, Emma and Yasuo.In the first book I felt everything she did, so I never really liked Tracer Ronan, but he still had that sexy aloof that made me antsy for anytime she may spend with him. But when he kind of disappears she's left to fend for herself on this island and find another hottie to secretely pine over. I just wish it wasn't Alcantara.I found this dude creepy, and no matter how many times she said he was cute, I pictured an old, decaying, vampire with a superiority complex. But, at the same time, I liked him. The way he silently and inconspicuously protected Drew, preparing her for her mission.In this process she's met with a vampire in training, Josh, who is sent to her to teach her formal & business German. After her first and confusing encounter with him, I was glad she met back up with him. And when he basically risks his position and life helping her, I knew the tension would be there. I was a little disappointed it wasn't as strong as I'd hope.My favorite parts: Following Ronan, him saving her life, and all that hotness. Sigh, I love to hate him.And then when she finally gets to go on her mission with Alcantara. She has to find a captured vampire and try to listen in on their conversations.For me, this part moved along a bit too fast and with too much ease. But I kind of liked that. I just wanted her to get in and get out without harm. And she did... kind of. When she meets Carden (ooh Carden), she decides to take matters into her own hands and what happens is the hottest thing in two paragraphs that happened then the two books. And with that, I can't wait to read more of him in the upcoming books!Blood Fever is the next book and I can't wait to read it. You get a little preview in this one and I usually don't read them, but I had to!