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Fire Baptized - Kenya Wright **I will warn that I am unsure whether this is strictly adult or if it is listed as YA. it has sexual comment and I advise it for more mature readers.I'll admit that when I read the summary for this book, I wasn't too excited to read it. But as time passed and it sat on my shelf, I became antsy and I picked it up. I usually don't read on the weekends as the can be busy, but I started this Sunday and finished it Monday. Without the many interruptions, I would've finished it much sooner. It was so good. And hot. Literally and every other meaning. The story follows Lanore, a college student who has to steal things and use her ability to create fire on command to survive. She is known as a Mixie or mixed breed in the world they live in, and with that no one knows exactly what mixies are capable of. She lives with her were-cheetah ex-boyfriend who has a knack for picking her up and pulling her down. Through out the story, I couldn't help but picture Shemar Moore as MeShack which made it difficult for me to hate him. But with that name, that obnoxious name I wasn't quite sure I was pronouncing correctly, I let it go.The guy that Lanore has her eye on most of the time had a rather odd name as well, Zulu, but even though he seemed to be a bit too cocky in an annoying way, I liked him much more. Though he had an ego, he was sweet and did everything to protect Lanore. Being a mixie himself, I'm sure it was easier for him to get along with Lanore and understand her better.When Lanore takes it upon herself to solve the murders that keep happening around town, she saves a little boy feels her heart being twisted and pulled in different directions and literally reaches the brink the death. All while having a little fun her self.This book was funny, intriguing, though-provoking and very very sexy.I cannot wait for the next book, The Burning Bush in The Habitat series and more from Lanore, Zulu, MeShack and Ben. And whoever else decides to show their face!This is a prime example why you shouldn't look past self-published authors.