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Down to You - M. Leighton Not sure why y'all are giving this such a high review. Predictable. Short. Average.
Easy - Tammara Webber I liked it well enough, I didn't necessarily LOVE it. Review to come.
Pushing the Limits - Katie McGarry When I first read the summary of this book, I had my doubts that it would hold as much depth as it promised. And boy I was wrong! This story is told from the perspective of both Echo and Noah and though it feels like, from the summary, the focus is on Echo, it was Noah who won me over with this book. His story and heartbreak broke my heart that I actually shed tears a few times through out.The focus on this book isn't just romance, but there is some and it was hot, but family and trying to move on from the past yet you can't let it go!Echo had experienced something in her past that even she doesn't quite understand and therapy isn't helping like it is supposed to. But when she gets a new therapist and happens to run into Noah, her past catches up with her quickly but she isn't quite sure she can handle it.Noah's past seemed, from the beginning, to me, to be a bit more... drastic and scary. Not to give too much away; fighting for his brothers brought me to tears every time he was near them. I related to his side of the story more. Their love for each other was strong and their friends just proved to be warriors as well as enemies in a lot of their battles to stay together and to fight for their past.I loved Noah's friends (and Beth will have her own book next). Echo's friends were a little less friendly, especially Grace, but fortunately she did have that one friend who stood by her side from the beginning, especially when Echo decided to finally expose her scars. (Both physically and emotionally.)Aside from the main characters, their therapist was my other favorite character in the book. I loved the way she cared for Noah and Echo and pushed them the right way, never losing site of her responsibilities and what was right for them!This is a contemporary style book that has the romance, and the real life issues, but still contains that lovey-dovey that we all love! You'll laugh, cry, get royally pissed and then finally sigh when you read the last chapter--maybe get a little choked up as well.I thoroughly enjoyed this book and can't wait to read Beth's story!
Hush, Hush - Becca Fitzpatrick I'm going to blame my lack of interest in this book in the fact that I missed the mark. And I wasn't as excited to read it as when I received the book--two years ago.I love a good paranormal and angels can be fun, but this book just wasn't that fun to me.I didn't feel the connection between Nora or Patch (whose name annoyed me) at all throughout the book. And when I did feel an inkling of something it was more on his part than her's even though it's from Nora's POV.I had pretty much everything in the book figured out from the beginning. Who the mystery hooded person was, what he was, how the relationship would go, how most of the book would go, the typical ignorant best friend, who personally I'd have to slap.I'm kind of over that "stereotypical friendship" in a lot of books, especially paranormal, where the main character is the brainiac smart "average looking" girl and her best friend is the polar opposite. That's not really life.Okay... on to some positives.Patch, I loved him and his sarcastic assiness. (Yes, I made that word up.) I liked how open he was with her about being an angel, but she was just kind of too dumb to tell. He cared about her, but in the way that you don't care about someone. When he decided to let himself be wherever she was, his presence made the book for me and I found myself wanting to read only parts that involved him. Nora's character seemed a bit dry for me, even her obnoxious best friend spiced it up.The two guys they meet at a coffee shop screamed "bad news" for me from the second they spoke. And I would audibly sigh or roll my eyes when they showed up.The ending wasn't very surprising or contain that "bang" I like with paranormals. I love cliffhangers even more and this didn't contain that either. However, I really want to read the next books to see where this series goes. A couple blogger friends told me they didn't enjoy it as much, but that only makes me want to read it more, because they each gave this one 5 stars.Agh. I did enjoy this book, but I feel my review is really negative. Apologies!
The Summer My Life Began - Shannon Greenland This is one of those books that are perfect for a quick beach or weekend read. Not too much depth, straight to the point, emotions, a little rough times, but over all romance. And that's all we need sometimes. Elizabeth Margaret (gag on that name) had lived her life under her parent and grandmother's very watchful eye. Her sister the only one keeping her sane and hiding her love for cooking. She wanted to make sure she always pleased her parents, never daring to let them know that her path of being a lawyer and going to Harvard just wasn't what she wanted. But when she receives a letter from her eccentric aunt who lives on an island, she sees it as her opportunity to break away from her perfect life and see how the other half lives.I knew that I'd like Elizabeth Margaret - ahem, Em - from how close she is with her sister and her passion for cooking and life. When she arrives at the island resort I couldn't wait to meet her aunt and the boy that she would inevitably come across. And I knew I'd love them. I just wish I had more to love. They really weren't in the book as much, yet every page either involved her aunt or Cade. I just craved them!There was a surprising amount of depth to this book, though still a bit shallow, the real life angst and issues, though not surprising, still I loved learning about Cade and Em's life, their past and together.Their romance felt real and honest and I loved that. There wasn't much to truly grasp with how short this book is, but I still loved them.Every character on the island was fun and had so much life that it made me want to live on a resort on an island as well.When Em learns a family secret that completely changes her entire life, I was genuinely shocked and just as confused as Em was. I was also surprised by how her family, especially her younger sister took the news.Her decisions in the end seemed a bit forced, yet right for her.I may have to check out more from Shannon Greenland soon!

Sweet Evil

Sweet Evil - Anna is a girl who has lived her life being the good girl, ignoring any pull toward the influence of drugs and alcohol, no matter how strong they are. And they are strong. It isn't until she meets Kaidan Rowe that she has no idea why she feels so strongly. And that her pull isn't only a struggle, it's a necessity for what she is.There was so much about Sweet Evil that I absolutely loved. The book borders on mature YA, but enough that it leaves you breathless and wanting more. Kaidan especially. He's an evil boy with too much life experience that you kind of feel bad for him. And then he does something that makes you want to throw caution to the wind and just enjoy whatever ride he throws you on. At times I was just sure Anna would do just that and maybe Kaidan would let her. I was always surprised with what the did and didn't do.The romance in this book is a sure winner. It's hot and yummy. Even though Anna is on the edge of naive, she still manages to keep the romance and heat alive though at times riding on Kaidan's tail.The action and adventures in this book are actually heart-pounding and definitely kept my interest until more of Anna and Kaidan time. I won't lie however, the times when Anna visits her dad, I was bored that I probably didn't register a lot of what he said like I should. It was important to the book, but I felt like that could have been written better.I loved Anna's aunt and her friends, they had significant parts to this book and I loved every moment with them.There's a possibility for a love triangle and I know a lot of people hate them, but I kind of enjoy them. And the possible guy, I liked him too. At times even more than Kaidan. No matter how sexy he is, he didn't always have to be an ass.I'm not usually a fan of angel/demon/nephilim books, but I really enjoyed this. I seriously hope the 2nd book gets picked up for publication! Hey, HarperTeen, Simon & Schuster, Poppy, SOMEONE.... PICK IT UP!!!
Second Chance Summer - Morgan Matson I don't think you understand how freaking EXCITED I AM FOR THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Beyond (Afterlife,#1) - Willow Rose Beyond seemed like a book that would be a cute and quick read. It was a quick read. It was cute. But it wasn't my taste.I did enjoy the lead, Meghan and her determination to figure out how she died. But mostly, I liked Mick. But, because it was such a quick read, I didn't get to know him or any of the characters. I felt like things happened and then they were over. I would've liked to know why she liked spending so much time in the human world with Jason by actually reading about it as it happened.I liked the way the ghost academy was created. To me, the way the school is described reminded me a little of Harry Potter & Hogwarts. Obviously I would never compare another book to that genius series, but it was the first thing I thought of.If you like a quick read, in my opinion, directed to the middle grade side, then you'll like this.Give it a shot!
Pleasure Unbound - Larissa Ione While I was rummaging through Barnes & Noble's extensive amount of books, I was at a loss of what to get next and texted a few blogger friends. Larissa Ione's name came up a few times, so I grabbed this one. And I'm glad I did.I haven't a good adult Urban Fantasy book in a very long time.Eidolon is a demon who just so happens to be a doctor. Working in a hospital specified in the supernatural, hidden beneath the streets of New York, cast so the humans leave it unnoticed. He's proud of his position in the hospital, taking pride in his work.Then Tayla, a human who happens to slay demons for a living, ends up on his table.When Tayla experiences the best sex of her life, she doesn't care that it's a dream... Until the dream begins to feel a little too real. And when she comes to the realization of where she is and who she happens to be screwing, her instincts kick in as a demon slayer. But not before she's knocked unconscious.Throughout the book there's a constant battle with Tayla and what's right and wrong in a world that she wishes she wasn't apart of. And it isn't until gorgeous Eidolon let's her know just how apart of the world she is, that she begins to tune into her emotions. Buried ones and ones beginning to develop.Tayla is a girl I wanted to cheer on most of the book, but then slap other times. It seemed she'd let her strong will become more of a burden than a positive trait, causing her and everyone around her to suffer from it.She's held on to what's happened in the past for so long that it affects every single thing in the future.Which is why I'm glad she met Eidolon. He helped her open up and broke her down and she could never tell why. Though she wanted to believe it was his demon side--incubus--that did it, she knew that wasn't the only reason. And feelings developed between the two.Sex happens. A lot. Hot. Awkward. Endearing. All there.The romance between the two had it's honest moments where they fought, cared, believed, struggled, in the end believed. And that was most important to me. Knowing that these two wouldn't end up together because I wanted it but because these two wanted it. (If that makes sense.)Over all, this book had me intrigued from page 1. But I will say I kind of skimmed over the pages that weren't from Tayla or Eidolon's POV. Which, I kind of which I didn't because I was slightly confused by the end. So read it. All of it!I can't wait to get my hands on the next book to see what happens with Tayla, Eidolon and everyone else!

Fire Baptized

Fire Baptized - Kenya Wright **I will warn that I am unsure whether this is strictly adult or if it is listed as YA. it has sexual comment and I advise it for more mature readers.I'll admit that when I read the summary for this book, I wasn't too excited to read it. But as time passed and it sat on my shelf, I became antsy and I picked it up. I usually don't read on the weekends as the can be busy, but I started this Sunday and finished it Monday. Without the many interruptions, I would've finished it much sooner. It was so good. And hot. Literally and every other meaning. The story follows Lanore, a college student who has to steal things and use her ability to create fire on command to survive. She is known as a Mixie or mixed breed in the world they live in, and with that no one knows exactly what mixies are capable of. She lives with her were-cheetah ex-boyfriend who has a knack for picking her up and pulling her down. Through out the story, I couldn't help but picture Shemar Moore as MeShack which made it difficult for me to hate him. But with that name, that obnoxious name I wasn't quite sure I was pronouncing correctly, I let it go.The guy that Lanore has her eye on most of the time had a rather odd name as well, Zulu, but even though he seemed to be a bit too cocky in an annoying way, I liked him much more. Though he had an ego, he was sweet and did everything to protect Lanore. Being a mixie himself, I'm sure it was easier for him to get along with Lanore and understand her better.When Lanore takes it upon herself to solve the murders that keep happening around town, she saves a little boy feels her heart being twisted and pulled in different directions and literally reaches the brink the death. All while having a little fun her self.This book was funny, intriguing, though-provoking and very very sexy.I cannot wait for the next book, The Burning Bush in The Habitat series and more from Lanore, Zulu, MeShack and Ben. And whoever else decides to show their face!This is a prime example why you shouldn't look past self-published authors.
Tomorrow Land - Mari Mancusi When I read the summary of this book on NetGalley, I thought it'd be a bit of a fluff dystopian. And though I wasn't 100% wrong about that, but it held more depth than I'd originally thought. When I was reading this book I was constantly thinking about how much life would change by this time yet would still be the same. Like the fact that Peyton's mom's name was Ashley... I found it weird. To think there will be adult women named Ashley, Brittany, Jessica.... Etc. The way Peyton ran into Chase as soon as the doors opened 4 years into the apocalypse was too convenient. I'd rather her go on her journey & run into him at WalMart or something. It'd be more realistic. (as realistic a book like this could be) Chase's (Chris) obsession with Peyton wasn't /too/ creepy, but calling her his goddess was ridiculous. And I wondered what she'd say about it if she'd actually heard him say this.I felt like the way they fell back in love could've been paced more. But at the same time, they're in a freaking apocalypse over run with zombies. There's not really any time to be picky & play hard to get. Zombies. I am not a fan of them either. But, I actually enjoyed this book. Probably because there was more TALK of zombies than actual zombies. The ending was a bit predictable, actually... The whole book was, but I was hoping for a little more oomph.Though I didn't hate this book, I'm not sure I'd read the sequel if there is one.She does have other books that I may give a chance sometime. Vampires, I like.

Under the Never Sky

Under the Never Sky - When we first meet Aria, she's in her pod with the other's living a quite perfect life. But with one bad choice her world falls apart. She's quickly thrown out of the pod & left to fend for herself in the outside. When she crosses paths with Perry she is forced to help him but in turn he ends up helping her in more ways than just finding her mother. This was the first Dystopian book that I actually really enjoyed. It is just not my genre. But the relationship that develops between Perry & Aria was steady, fast, slow, frustrating & beautiful all at once. And the world that Rossi created was magical. Though it was difficult at times to imagine these aether storms, I could still understand that what they were seeing definitely wasn't [our] normal!The enhanced abilities that the people on the outside had definitely kept the book interesting. Perry had heightened smell, and that could just be frustrating for anyone else who may be self-conscious. The way Perry cared about his nephew--seemed like more than the boy's own father-- resonated hard with me. He was in a fight with life to try to get him back after he was kidnapped. And Aria was basically his compass to find him. Which meant they were together constantly.I believe with the added characters on their journey, I was more interested. Yet I sometime wished they weren't there. That the story was solely Aria & Peregrine. As bad as it may sound, I would've left Cinder behind. Though he proved beneficial later in the story, I felt his existence in the book was pointless. When they've neared the end of their journey, and Aria has learned a devastating secret about herself, the relationship they've developed is tested. And they prove that they can fight through anything.I wish the ending had a bit... More. Though it was fine with me. I'll be reading the next book, for sure.
Angelfall (Penryn & the End of Days, #1) - Susan Ee I know you've read gushing review after gushing review of this book. And you may be tired of them. No worries. No gushing review here. Before I write this, I'll say that dystopian/post-apocalyptic genre is just not  my cup of tea. They have so much premise and possibility and you have to have a very imaginative mind to read them, and I love that... but I just can't always get into them. And that's why I've made March my Dystopian challenge month, just to hopefully find one that I do love.I didn't hate this book. I actually really really liked it, but for the most part I was just feeling "eh" towards it.From the beginning this book was fast paced and just kept going, that's obviously what the author was going for and it had purpose. Penryn (that name...) and Raffe needed to gogogo to stay out of harms way and cover ground as she looks for her sister and tries to find a way to get his wings "sewn" back on.The encounters they come acorss on their way to the Aerie were, for the most part, boring for me. I didn't get attached to the characters and I didn't much care for what happened to them at this part.But then they finally get to the Aerie that's where the book picked up for me, and I found myself perking up, ready for more. But unfortunately, it was also the shortest part of the book. That's the beauty and sucky part of climaxes in stories.I loved that, because this book is a self-pub, that Susan Ee was able to write and have no filter (read: editor) telling her she can't write that. And that all comes in with the climax. I was disturbed, heart-broken and angry with a lot of what happened there and because of that, I would give this book 5 stars, but I couldn't forget the beginning.With the way the book ended, it made me want more, so I'll definitely be reading the next book in the series. Though I'm not necessarily dying to read it. I did add it to my "to-reads" shelf on Goodreads anyways.So, in the end, I applaud Susan Ee for having such a successful, self-published book. And if you don't have a Kindle, it's now available in paperback! :)

Vampire's Kiss (Veronica Wolff's Watchers Series #2)

Vampire's Kiss - Veronica Wolff One of the things I liked about Isle of Night was that we weren't left with a major cliff hanger, but I still wanted more. And I was sooo glad I had this book to jump right into!We jump right back into Drew's story right about where we left off in Isle of Night. After Drew has won the competition defeating and killing her opponents--especially her psycho roommate, Lilac--she's put in the position of being Vampire Alcantara's assistant in an upcoming mission (one she has no idea what and when it'll be) and she's acquired to friends on the island, Emma and Yasuo.In the first book I felt everything she did, so I never really liked Tracer Ronan, but he still had that sexy aloof that made me antsy for anytime she may spend with him. But when he kind of disappears she's left to fend for herself on this island and find another hottie to secretely pine over. I just wish it wasn't Alcantara.I found this dude creepy, and no matter how many times she said he was cute, I pictured an old, decaying, vampire with a superiority complex. But, at the same time, I liked him. The way he silently and inconspicuously protected Drew, preparing her for her mission.In this process she's met with a vampire in training, Josh, who is sent to her to teach her formal & business German. After her first and confusing encounter with him, I was glad she met back up with him. And when he basically risks his position and life helping her, I knew the tension would be there. I was a little disappointed it wasn't as strong as I'd hope.My favorite parts: Following Ronan, him saving her life, and all that hotness. Sigh, I love to hate him.And then when she finally gets to go on her mission with Alcantara. She has to find a captured vampire and try to listen in on their conversations.For me, this part moved along a bit too fast and with too much ease. But I kind of liked that. I just wanted her to get in and get out without harm. And she did... kind of. When she meets Carden (ooh Carden), she decides to take matters into her own hands and what happens is the hottest thing in two paragraphs that happened then the two books. And with that, I can't wait to read more of him in the upcoming books!Blood Fever is the next book and I can't wait to read it. You get a little preview in this one and I usually don't read them, but I had to!
Isle of Night - Veronica Wolff When we're first introduced to Annelise, aka Drew, she's packing up, ready to leave for college. Ready to leave her abusive father and crazy step mother. She makes it to the school, expecting to be accepted immediately. Why not? She's a genius (we're told this over and over and over and over throughout), she's graduated early (top of her class), is fluent in multiple languages, and she needs this. Desperately. But when a mishap in the computers happens she's left to fend for herself. Until the handsome Ronan takes her hand and whisks her away to a far away island. Literally.My first thought was, why the hell would anyone hop on a plane to go to a place they've never been with a guy they don't know with absolutely no details about where it is. But I guess no matter how smart you are, you still end up doing dumb things.When Annelise, Ronan and the two other girls on the plane land on Eyja næturinnar--Isle of Night--they stand in a massive group of nothing but girls. Their they're told they will go through a severe training to be Watchers for vampires. Though Annelise is shocked, she takes it in stride and goes with the flow.I've read that some compare this to the Vampire Academy series and The Hunger Games. I haven't read the VA series and I did not like THG. Though, I see the comparison. These girls are expected to be at the top of their game--no matter what they have to stay there; strength, knowledge, and avoid being killed.There is little romance and a lot of cat fights and action in this, with the occasional cutie when the girls meet the boys there for vampire training. But mainly, just nasty and vicious girls. Like Annelise's psycho (read: pyromaniac) roommate, Lilac.When the time comes to do a mock challenge, it proves to be very real when weapons come to play and death takes some of the girls.With a world of [creepy but very good looking] vampires, draugs, girls out to get you, sexy and elusive Tracers, cure vampire boys in training and a possibility for anything to happen, Drew must stay on her toes to stay alive and keep the two friends she's managed to acquire on the Isle of Night.(While reading this, I couldn't help but picture Amanda Seyfried as Annelise. Her character in Mean Girls meets her character in GONE.)
Charlie All Night - Jennifer Crusie I read this book for my personal "Contemporary February" challenge, and I'm really glad I did. This book is not for you to think too hard. Don't expect to be motivated to go out and change the world. And you won't have these words resonate with you like you've just read the worlds best fiction. No. This is simply a lovey-dovey kind of book that makes you giggle, blush and just overall feel good. And that's just one thing I love about contemporary books!When we meet Allie she's at the top of her radio producing career, until her skeezy boyfriend, Mark, dumps her, without any real reason why. And with that, she is no longer producing his very successful show and is given a new guy at a new time. This is not what Allie wanted to hear, but with her head held high, she perseveres.But of course, as her luck has it, she runs into Charlie in the most unfortunate and kind of embarrassing way. Luckily Charlie is a good guy and takes this meeting in stride, going along with Allie's shenanigans and despising Mark upon meeting him. Just as Allie wants. And what else does she want but a one-night stand to help her get over Mark.When you're producing a late-night show for the guy who happens to be staying with you and you may have had a fabulous one-night stand with...things are not going to be easy.And so, the fun ensues!I loved how serious, funny and real Charlie was. The way Allie describes him, didn't make him seem physically attractive to me per se, but it made him no less interesting and yummy in general. The love scenes in this book are sweet and hot without being overly descriptive! I never felt like I had to hide in a room alone because of it, but it definitely wasn't something I'd read aloud around kids. ^_^"The way Mark is was...hilarious, he was a pathetic guy with nothing but his career in mind and the childish games he played kept me laughing.This is definitely a quick and fun read that I thoroughly enjoyed. I will be checking out more of Jennifer Crusie's work, especially her newer books.